Club Head Referee: Claire Burtnick

-Brantford City Soccer Club is excited to offer the opportunity for all community members to become a match official

-Brantford City Soccer Club is happy to support the Long Term Official Development (LTOD) spearheaded by Ontario Soccer!


Become a Referee with Brantford City Soccer Club

-All referees must be Ontario Soccer educated having completed one/both of the following:

  • Small Sided Soccer (Must be 12 on/before March 31st of the year wishing to officiate) 
  • Entry Level Soccer (Must be 14 on/before March 31st of the year wishing to officiate)

-Each year Brantford City Soccer Club, in conjunction with Ontario Soccer, host these courses. BCSC looks to recruit about 20 individuals each year to take the small sided program and ten individuals to take the entry level program. BCSC works to recruit with consideration given to gender equity amongst the ranks of game officials. 
-Please E-mail BCSC at by February 28th of the year wishing to officiate to secure a spot, consideration is given on a first come first served basis with the consideration given to reaching gender parity.
-Individuals interested in this opportunity should meet and be able to fulfill the roles/requirements noted below



-Brantford City Soccer Club will be building upon its mentorship program in 2023/2024 and will be having an Ontario trained mentor work with the referees within the club to help increase retention.
-Brantford City Soccer Club will be providing quarterly educational opportunities to our referees, we will be hosting a law based seminar for junior referees (those 18 and under) and a non-law based seminar for junior referees, these courses will also be offered to the entire referee populace. One session will be held quarterly and will be overseen by an Ontario Soccer official.  
-Brantford City Soccer Club will be providing practical knowledge opportunities as well one yearly for junior referees and another for the entire referee populace, both prior to the season starting. These sessions will be overseen by Ontario Soccer officials.
-Brantford City Soccer Club has developed a budget to support the Long Term Official Development initiative and is providing the aforementioned opportunities accordingly.
-A link to the BCSC Match Official Development and Education Training Plan is available here
-Throughout the season all referees will be reviewed by the club head referee. Those who have obtained a satisfactory review and have reached the level 4 will be recommended for promotion the district pool for the subsequent outdoor season. 


BCSC Referees Roles/Requirements:

Referees Must:

  • Conduct themselves in a professional manner, including showing up 30 minutes in advance of the game in full uniform (shirt tucked in, no hat or sunglasses, and all necessary equipment to officiate the game);
  • Ensure that the playing field is safe for play and does not have any dangerous materials on it (i.e. large rocks, pieces of glass) and is safe as per the BCSC Equipment and Facility policy;
  • Satisfy all the requirements of the Brantford City Soccer Club, including the completion and submission of all administrative or disciplinary forms to BCSC and to the H&DSA if required;
  • Ensure that you officiate all assigned matches, in the event you cannot make an appointment you must contact the referee scheduler immediately;
  • Make sure that corner flags are placed properly;
  • Ensure that all players are wearing shin-guards and are not wearing any jewellery;
  • Introduce yourself to the Coaches; for house league games, ask each team to supply a linesman;
  • Perform the coin toss with the captains. Winner chooses the end to defend and the loser kicks off;
  • Start the game on time;
  • Have the coaches sign the game sheet at the end of the game;
  • Complete and submit any disciplinary reports to the Head Referee within 48 hours or the H&DSA/H&DMJSCL for Competitive games.