Victoria Rusch

Favorite Soccer Team: Don’t really have one just like watching most teams in general.
Reason I love BCSC: Scott in the office!!
Serving Since: 2010

Tracey Brady

Favorite Soccer Team: Toronto FC
Reason I love BCSC: I love being a part of a soccer organization that offers the game of soccer to tinytots all the way up to adults. It is heartwarming to see little ones running around the soccer field with huge smiles on their faces. I enjoy volunteering with so many great people that just want soccer to be a part of young people’s lives.
Serving Since: 2008-present as an executive Member/Director; Rep Team Manager 2009-2011; Coach 2012-2016

Lindsay Herriot

Favorite Soccer Team: Celtic
Reason I love BCSC: It gives children the ability to learn, succeed and achieve
Serving Since: 2019

Anthony Punturiero

Favorite Soccer Team: Any youth team I am involved with.
Reason I love BCSC: I have been involved with program since inception in 1970 as a player. Well run organization that is helping nature our community youth.  Someone helped me along the way and I am giving back now too.
Serving Since: 2007. Involved in soccer community for over 50 years as player, coach and director. Have a child’s passion for sport still. Rather watch youth play than pros.

Susie Osborn

Favorite Soccer Team: Canadian Women’s team
Reason I love BCSC: My children have been playing with BCSC for about 12 years now. I got involved in coaching a year or two later with BCSC. I joined the Board/Club later. Brantford City was very welcoming and always put the children/youth first. They have one of the best house league programs I have seen. They are a selfless club that puts all their effort, money and time into doing the best they can for the kids, developing varios leagues, programs and training.
Serving Since: 2015

Trish Coleman

Favorite Soccer Team: Hibernian
Reason I love BCSC: Helping children achieve goals
Serving Since: 2019

Mike Brady

Favorite Soccer Team: Glasgow Celtic FC
Reason I love BCSC: I grew up playing for Brantford City myself. Then I coached both my children through many years of playing soccer in House League, Indoor and Rep. I now have the privilege of sitting as a member of the executive. It’s a great grass roots organization!
Serving Since: 2019 as an executive. Coached 2007-2014

Jody Gunn

Favorite Soccer Team: Canadian team is the TFC
Reason I love BCSC: BCSC promotes inclusivity among ALL children, while encouraging team spirit and embracing the love of the sport.
Serving Since: 2004

Rob Coleman

Favorite Soccer Team: Canadian team is the TFC
Reason I love BCSC: Love giving back to the community and helping foster the sport in our young athletes helping to keep their minds active and develop their skills.
Serving Since: 1999

Keith Coleman

Favorite Soccer Team: Celtic FC
Reason I love BCSC: I was involved in the inception when it was first founded 50 years ago and am loving paying it forward from all the coaches who helped me out.
Serving Since: 1987

Hugh Coleman, Sr.

Favorite Soccer Team: Hibernian
Reason I love BCSC: Loves all soccer and enjoy seeing the sport grow. Loves mentoring kids with a passion for the sport like no else.
Serving Since: 1970

George Whittingham

Favorite Soccer Team: Canadian team is the TFC
Reason I love BCSC: Love seeing the joy the sport brings to children and the soccer club’s delivery.
Serving Since: 2018

Hugh Coleman Jr.

Favorite Soccer Team: TFC
Reason I love BCSC: It is a great club that treats the kids right.
Serving Since: 2007

Melissa Chausic

Favorite Soccer Team: TFC
Reason I love BCSC: Fantastic organization serving youth in Brantford and surrounding area.
Serving Since: 2019