• Brantford City Soccer Parent Letter

    Parent Letter – Rep Youth (U13-18) Program 2019-2020

  • Dear Parents,

    We would like to thank your child for trying out to play on our BCSC travel team. As a member of this team, your child and you will represent our organization and the City of Brantford in various cities throughout our region.

    We feel it is important to take this opportunity, before the season begins, to outline the philosophies, methods, expectations and goals we have for our players and parents.

    Our main objective will be to ensure each child has fun while improving and enhancing their soccer skills. We will also stress the aspects of team play and sportsmanship.

    As we all know, at this level of play, children develop at different rates. When the players work hard in practice, and grasp the concepts of what the coach is teaching, it enhances the ability to play as a team. It only takes one player who has either missed practices or does not work at practices to break down the system and the team concepts that we employ. Therefore, attendance at practices will have a bearing on playing time in games.

    We are fielding a travel soccer team and playing time will not necessarily be equal. It is the coach’s responsibility to assess each player’s abilities and skill levels developed in practice and utilize this knowledge in a game environment. Depending on the games conditions such as the level of play, the pace of game and the importance of the game there may be situations where players will not get into every game or see very limited game time. While we will try to see that each player receives some game time there is no guarantee or specific number of minutes. Should you feel that the playing time of your child is in question, please discuss the matter privately with the coach. (Remember the 24 hour rule). These conversations should take place either before or after a practice – never right after a game when emotions are running high.

    We ask that you encourage the children with positive comments. Do not be critical of an individual player’s ability or coach your child from the sidelines. We must have your cooperation in encouraging adherence to team concepts.

    Players & Parents agree not to use any type of Social Media to post or say anything negative about any other player, parent, coach, team or league official or employee, soccer club or organization. Furthermore, all players and parents will reject and report any individuals who are bullying and/or harassing anyone, including through Social Media to the Brantford City Soccer Club, who will address the situation.

    Players & Parents are required to observe Brantford City Soccer Club’s Concussion and Return to Play Protocol. This includes but it is not limited to the need to submit a doctor’s note confirming player’s ability to safely return to practice. This is dependent on the level and nature of the injury or at the request of the club.

    Any fines incurred by team due to inappropriate parent(s) or guest behavior will have to be paid by the individuals involved. The fines are paid out of team money and if not reimbursed by those involved will only hurt the children involved with that team. Those who chose not to pay fines will be asked not to attend games until fines have been paid.

    I accept the terms set out in this letter for player and game management and team philosophies.