Brantford City Soccer Club
Rep Soccer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How often do teams train?

-Training begins in November. During the indoor season November-March teams will train once-to-twice weekly. Of these sessions one will be on indoor turf or in community centers and the second session would be in school gymnasiums (there is no charge for non-profits to use these spaces). Some coaches will opt to train weekly in the gymnasiums others may opt to do more sporadically.

-In April teams will train once-to-twice weekly. One of the sessions will be on outdoor turf and the other in school gymnasiums.

-In May teams will move outdoors to the grass and practice once weekly until the season starts following May 24th. There will then be approximately one match and one practice per week until the season concludes at the end of August.

-Here is a link to an approximate training schedule for 2023-2024 to use as a rough guideline.

When do we receive the training schedule?

-You will receive the indoor training schedule with all of the dates in Mid-October.
-The outdoor training schedule will be sent out in Mid-April for all dates through to the end of August.
-The district league releases the match schedule in May prior to the season starting.

Where do players train?

-Players train indoors at community centers in Brantford (ex. Doug Snook’s), regional turf in our area (ex. Syl Apps in Paris, The Dome at Redeemer in Ancaster, Cowan Sportsplex in Woodstock, etc), and school gymnasiums in Brantford.
-Players train outdoor on turf at Kiwanis Field and Bison’s Field in Brantford
-Players train outdoor on grass at soccer fields in Brantford (Ex. Cedarland, Wood Street, etc.)

What is the registration fee?

-For 2023-2024 the registration fee is as follows:

U8: $550.00
U9-12: $585.00
U13-18: $685.00

What is included in the registration fee?

-Team Registration Fee with the Hamilton Soccer League
-Ontario Soccer Insurance Fees
-Match Official Fees
-20 sessions for team training, 13 sessions at community space, 4 sessions on indoor turf, 2 sessions on outdoor turf, 1 on outdoor grass.
-3 technical training sessions; 2 sessions on outdoor turf, 1 session on grass with our technical director/trainer (coaches may opt to run this session with the technical trainer evaluating the sessions)
-2 technical trainer practice evaluations during team training at community space. (coaches may opt to have the technical trainer run this session with the coach evaluating the sessions)
-1 Technical trainer team evaluation at home game.
-Minimum of 13 Practices on outdoor grass fields for 1 hour (U8-10) or 1.5 hours (U11-U18) on a class “C” field
-1 Inter-club exhibition game on grass, on class C field, with 1 match official (cost to be split with away club)
-Coaches Course Fees
-Coach Development Fees
-Team Money – $300 will be given to the team to use as needed *(Feature available if team sponsor found)*
-Team Equipment
-Administration Fees
-Outdoor Field Rental/Light Fees for Matches
-Coaching Expenses (for the head coach and up to one assistant coach)– to be paid at the end of the season
-Team Set of Pinnies
-3 training sessions for the squads keeper (up to 2 keepers per squad can attend)
-Medals (U8-U12 only)

Are there any additional costs not included in the registration fee?

-The Uniform fee is ~$150.00 (including taxes) on top of the registration fee. If the same sponsors from 2023-2024 are returning players are not required to order a new jersey if there kit fits them.
-The cost of festivals/tournaments is not included in the registration fee. These events are optional and should teams wish to attend they can raise funds through fundraising, additional donations/sponsorships, or additional player payments.
-Should teams wish to do additional training; additional practices or additional conditioning there will be an extra cost for this.

Where would we travel for away games?

-U9-U18 Teams will play half of their games home and half away. All home games are played in Brantford. For the U8 age group all clubs host 1 festival weekend.

-For teams in the U8-U12 age groups travel areas include:

Dundas, Binbrook, Hamilton, Ancaster, Flamborough, Salfleet, Mount Hope, Stoney Creek,

-For teams in the U13-U18 age groups travel areas include:

Dundas, Binbrook, Hamilton, Ancaster, Flamborough, Salfleet, Mount Hope, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Niagara Falls, West Lincoln, Welland, Pelham, St. Catharine’s and Fort Erie.