Brantford City Soccer Club is proud to announce our Sports Science and Medicine Partnership with Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab Centre

Brantford City Soccer Club’s preferred provider for medical services related to the game and overall health and well-being of our players is Cobblestone Medicine and Dr. Tyler Fletcher’s talented team!

Please contact the appropriate individual (listed below) at Cobblestone Medicine Rehab directly at: 519-442-2237

-Concussion Specialist: Dr. Tyler Fletcher D.C, DAc, BSc Kin

-Mental Skills Training: Patricia McIntyre (Counsellor)

-Performance Analyst: Jen Coombs, PTA

-Medical Doctor: Dr. Ross Male

-Physiotherapist: Tony Chen, PT

-Physical Training Provider: Nate Morrison

-Nutritionist: Megan Kuikman

-Athlete Farm Training/Strength and Conditioning:  Luke Vanmorekerke    519-619-3316

Spring Baseline Concussion Testing!!!

In Partnership with Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab Centre, Paris ON

It’s that time of the year again!  Soccer is back in the swing of things and injuries are starting to occur including Concussions! 

It is our pleasure to partner up with Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab in Paris ON.


Dr. Tyler Fletcher, Owner of Cobblestone Medicine and Rehab Centre and his team are offering their services to ALL Brantford Soccer players.  The clinic specializes in Sports Rehab/Injury and Concussion testing.  They recommend to come into the clinic for player(s) 10 year(s) of age and older in our efforts to try and eliminate, prevent, educate, and get athletes back to the ice as soon and as safe as possible with concussions!  We recommend concussion testing for ALL athletes playing any sport especially soccer.  If any players have any questions at all – feel free to contact Dr. Tyler Fletcher and he will try and answer all your injury questions.

We commonly treat ALL aches and pains including Concussion rehab, knee injury, hip injury, low back aches, shoulder problems and neck injury!  To ALL soccer players and parents we offer FREE 20min consultations with Dr. Tyler Fletcher.  He will recommend what to do next whether it is further treatment or referral to any of the therapists in the clinic.

Physiotherapy, Sports Chiropractors, Massage therapy, Dietitian, Naturopathic doctor, Pedorthist – Sports Orthotics, Counselling services, Athletic therapy, Family medicine and Nursing. 



Free 20 min. Consults!

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1084 Rest Acres Rd. Paris ON

Physiotherapy  and Rehab Division – (519) 302-2000

Sports Chiropractic Division – (519) 442-2237